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Walking safari in Arusha National Park

Important details

  •  Duration: Half day (1.5 – 4 hrs) / Full day (4 – 8 hrs)
  •  Price on request
  •  Ranger fee: price on request
  •  Wear good hiking shoes

Additional information

A walking safari through the stunning landscape of Tanzania’s Arusha National Park is said to be unforgettable. Guided by an experienced local ranger, you get up close with iconic wildlife such as giraffes, buffalos, zebras, warthogs, and blue monkeys while learning about the park’s unique flora and fauna. Don’t miss the impressive waterfall, the Ngurdoto Crater, and Lake Momella. At the lake flamingos can be spotted, and all throughout the park it’s possible to spot the elusive Colobus monkey against the stunning backdrop of Mount Meru. The park is also a bird enthusiast’s paradise, with an enormous variety of bird species. Think trogons, starlings, turacos, and thousands of migrating flamingos.

You will take with you a lunch box to the park to eat after the hike. We recommend combining this activity with a full-day safari in Arusha National Park as you need to pay park fees and other additional costs. Please note that the walk is best done in the morning to avoid the warmest hours of the day and that the minimum age for a walking safari is 12 years.

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