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Walk to the elephant caves

A nice walk past waterfalls and through tropical rainforests leads to the caves that were created by the elephants when ingesting the mineral-rich soil of the area.

Important details

  •  Duration: 2-3 hrs
  •  Price on request
  •  NO GUARANTEE for sightings

Additional information

These so called elephant caves are located close to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and make for a nice activity in between your safaris. Don’t get carried away by the name though: you are not guaranteed to spot elephants during this excursion. However, it is well worth it. Think of this activity more as a pleasant and educational nature walk where your guide will teach you to recognize the tracks of the animals in the area and the different traditional uses of the flora you encounter along the way. You will be fascinated by the surrounding landscapes, composed of waterfalls and lush green vegetation. 

Please be sure to wear good footwear, as the trail can be quite muddy.

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