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Visit the Iraqw tribe

Meet the Iraqw – an ancient resident tribe that still lives as it did hundreds of years ago!

Important details

  •  Duration: 2-3 hrs
  •  Price on request

Additional information

More than 150 different tribes live in Tanzania. Most famous are the Maasai, but other tribes are also very interesting. Near Karatu – en route to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area – you can visit the Iraqw tribe. The Iraqw can mainly be found in this region. Some of them still live in traditional houses made of natural materials.

A visit to the Iraqw village will tell you all about the lifestyle and history of this tribe. For example, they once waged war with the Maasai over the area where they live.

You can take a look inside some of the houses and talk to the residents. During a walk through the village you will encounter chicken, goats and cows roaming around freely. The Iraqw have developed their own methods of agriculture, of which you will see elements during the tour. Don’t be surprised if people greet you extensively and invite you for tea or a meal – this is common here and often leads to surprising encounters.

If you happen to be there on the 7th or 25th day of the month, you can also visit the market in Karatu where the Iraqw sell their goods. Clothing, herbs, food, cattle, pots, works of art and other items can be found here. If you want a unique souvenir, this is the place to be! If you miss this market, you can visit the regular daily market in Karatu instead.


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