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Mount Longido

Important details

  •  Duration: Full day
  •  Price on request

Additional information

Mount Longido is located on the edge of the town of Longido near the border with Kenya. It is possible to climb Mount Longido in just one day, but it is definitely worth spending the night on the mountain and then reaching the summit on the second day. The summit is at an altitude of 2,637 m above sea level.

There are different ecosystems on the mountain. The beginning is a dry area, but soon you will find yourself in a wooded area. Enjoy all the calming sounds of nature here. During the ascent it will soon become more humid and you will notice that the forest becomes more like a rainforest. After that you will reach the top of the mountain, which rises above the treetops and offers a breathtaking view of the beautiful surroundings. It is also possible to see Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru from up here!

Longido is a town famous for the Maasai people. During the trek you will be guided by Maasai warriors. The mountain is also known for the buffalos, which are often seen here. The Maasai make sure that you arrive safely at the top. They know all the beautiful places and challenges during the ascent.

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