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Exploring Zanzibar Holiday

Exploring Zanzibar Holiday

If you have some spare days before returning home after your trek/safari, you should definitely consider some time visiting the tropical island of Zanzibar. The beaches of Zanzibar are sensational with their white powdery sands and the contrasting azure blue, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. A few days of sun-drenched laziness at the beach are the perfect way to end your trip!

Zanzibar is much more than just a beach-lovers paradise – the island’s history goes back many centuries. Its heyday came in the early 19th century when the Sultan of Muscat moved his court to Zanzibar. Spice cultivation was developed (particularly the clove tree), and the slave trade was at its height – Zanzibar became the most important town in East Africa. With traders from Persia, Arabia and India visiting the island it became rich and famous with a wonderful mix of cultures and religions – creating the unique and fascinating blend that can be found on the spice island today.


STONE TOWN – Zanzibar town is located midway along the West Coast of the island. The old part of the town, known as Stone Town, is composed of a network of shady, winding narrow alleys between old stone buildings with ornately decorated entrances and balconies. Numerous tiny shops here sell everything under the sun. Along the seafront are located several luxury hotels, the old Sultan’s Palace (House of Wonder), the old fort, restaurants and the docks. In the evening dining at one of the seafront or rooftop restaurants is a magical experience.

SPICE TOUR – In the middle of the island you can visit the Spice plantation where still today many different spices such as cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, lemon grass and tropical fruits are grown.

DIVING – The magnificent coral reefs surrounding Zanzibar are a snorkeller and scuba divers paradise. Everyone can find something to satisfy them exploring this enchanting underwater world. Most beach hotels offer snorkelling equipment and boats to take you out to the coral reefs that surround the island. Here you can swim in a variety of depths of water – from one metre to 30 metres in depth. Many scuba diving centres are located around the island offering taster courses, and a variety of advanced courses leading up to PADI or similar qualifications such as Open Water Diver or even Master Diver. Wrecks and deep coral walls offer superb locations to view a great variety of fish, whales, dolphins, eels and coral formations.

DOLPHINS – Swimming and playing with dolphin is another wonderful experience. Several dolphin groups are found around the island, but mainly near the south tip. Good swimmers will be able to get very close and even touch the dolphins. This is a most rewarding half-day trip that can be arranged from most parts of the island.

FISHING – Sailing and deep-sea game fishing are also popular activities that can be arranged readily at most of the beach hotels


We can arrange any accommodation that you wish – if you already have a hotel in mind just let us know and we can make the arrangements for you. Alternatively we can recommend accommodation for your stay.

DHOW PALACE – Stone Town




The quickest and easiest way to travel to Zanzibar is to fly from the mainland. If you would like us to arrange your flights and transfers please let us know. Alternatively for those travelling on a budget there are is a bus that runs daily from Moshi to Dar-Es-Salaam, and from Dar you can take a ferry to the island. If you opt for the latter you should presume to allow a full day of travelling to reach your end destination.   ENQUIRE NOW FOR MORE DETAILS